Chemical Blond is my hairdressing company. It is hard to describe myself as only a hairdresser because I am a creative person that dabbles in many artistic mediums.

Hairdressing is my profession that has brought me to other paths. In Canada I did hairdressing and make-up, then coming to the Netherlands I became a hairdresser/ stylist. This has been quite confusing in my trade, but I am no different than a clothing designer that already sees the model wearing my clothes or the atmosphere that I envision my design being photographed.

So much of my work has been based on my own visions, I decide on the theme, design my hair ideas, following with a choice of model, photographer, location and styling.

My passions have all been answered by a brilliant cast of all the people that were needed to make these dreams come true. I want to thank all of you that have made all my photo/video work possible. The projects being a reflection of my life.

Recently my artistic endeavors have led me to making my first film and writing lyrics for my first song. Life is ever evolving, so with that I look forward to adding more things to my website.

I am hairdressing at the Amazing Beauty Boudoir:

You can book online or my mobile 06 20 90 80 80

My normal working days are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Look forward to your visit x Sheree

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